Sunless Tanning

With a visit to The Islands Tanning and Beachwear, you’ll be able to look your tanned best in just minutes. New to our tanning salon is the sunless spray tanning booth, which offers a perfect sunless spray tan in a completely private automated booth. 

Our sunless tanning in Pinehurst, NC, gives you the perfect bronze color that lasts for up to seven days in just a quarter of the time it takes to be hand-sprayed.
When you visit us for a sunless tan, you can be in and out of our salon in less than 10 minutes. Whether you want to add a natural glow for a wedding, party, or any other occasion, we’ll be glad to set you up in one of our tanning beds or booths. Prices for our sunless tanning services are as follows:

1 Mystic Tan – $30.00

3 Mystic Tans – $65.00

Mystic Unlimited Month - $59.99

Mystic Tan Booth

Mystic Tan Family

Join Our Club for Unlimited Tanning

Get unlimited use of a Mystic tan booth for only $1.66 per day when you join our sunless tanning club. No appointments are ever necessary, so you will have access to the tan you need at any time. We offer you complete privacy to ensure your ultimate comfort, giving you the ability to relax in peace while enjoying an evenly distributed spray tan.

Once you step into our spray tan booth, you’ll be in for the experience of a lifetime. It features cutting-edge spray tan technology, which ensures thorough and efficient coverage of your full body. You no longer have to worry about missing spots when self-tanning! When you’re ready for a tan, don't wait. Get yours now and stay beautifully bronze to enjoy the body confidence you deserve.

Customizable Sunless Tan Options for Every Type of Skin

We offer three different tan levels, and we can customize the color to match any skin type. You may also customize your tan with additional scents, toners, and bronzers. If you have any questions about the options we offer or you need advice regarding the best tone for your skin, reach out to us at your earliest convenience to speak with a member of our staff.

Intensity scale

Bronzer or No Bronzer

Bronzer is a temporary cosmetic color – which is especially great when you want a great tan right now. The cosmetic bronzer washes off in your next shower– just like a make-up foundation.

For a professional in-salon spray tan session, you can select from up to four different shades of Mystic Tan bronzer. The salon professional can help you select the shade that will best enhance your individual skin tone.

  • Mocha-Kyssed: warm brown undertones for a classic, bronze tan
  • Island-Kyssed: cool brown with violet undertones for a deep exotic tan
  • Sun-Kyssed: warm brown with subtle red undertones for a ‘day in the sun’ tan
  • Honey-Kyssed: warm brown with golden undertones for a glowing tan.

For self-tanner, Mystic Tan is the first self-tanning line that offers multiple bronzers, each with a different undertone, to create a custom natural glow for each individual skin tone, for every style, season and event.

No Bronzer
For a professional in-salon spray tan session, in the salon, you can choose an extended tan (sometimes referred to as ‘clear’). It goes on your skin clear, and your tan develops over the following 2-4 hours.

For a self-tanner without a bronzer, you can use Mystic Tan Gradual Tan. The silky lotion will meet all your skin’s daily moisturization and hydration needs, while building a little (extra) color, day by day. Maximum color intensity is reached in about one week.



Contact us for more information on our sunless tanning. We serve clients in Pinehurst, North Carolina.